Factors affecting job design

Employee Retention Strategies Employee Retention is a process in which the employees are encouraged to remain with the organization for the maximum period of time or until the completion of the project. Employee retention is beneficial for the organization as well as the employee. Retention of employees is part of Human Resource management and planning efforts. Turnover, as the opposite of retention, often has been seen as a routine HR matter requiring records and reports.

Factors affecting job design

Job Evaluation Methods

The one described in the initial part of the article is a type of secondary fracture healing. But when the fragments are fixed rigidly by a plate or other gadget, the type of healing that occurs is primary.

Fracture stability dictates the type of healing that will occur. If the immobilization is not rigid as in plaster cast or external fixatorsecondary healing would follow. Primary Bone Healing In this kind of fracture, healing callus is not formed at all and it occurs with rigid stabilization with or without compression of the bone ends.

It is also called intramembranous healing and occurs via Haversian remodeling. Rigid stabilization suppresses the formation of a callus in either cancellous or cortical bone. Primary healing per se is rare and most of the fractures heal by secondary healing.

This is so because management of most of the fractures allows some degree of movement. Primary bone fracture healing can be divided into gap healing and contact healing. Union occurs in both types.

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Because most fractures are managed in a way that results in some degree of motion, primary healing per se is rare. Gap Healing If internal fixation leaves a gap between fragments, the fracture heals by gap healing.

Gap healing occurs in two stages. Firstly, the width of the gap is filled by direct bone formation. The orientation of the new bone formed in this first stage is transverse to that of the original lamellar bone orientation.


In the second stage, which happens after several weeks, longitudinal Haversian remodeling reconstructs the necrotic fracture ends and the newly formed bone to replace the woven bone with osteons of the original orientation. In the end, the normal bone structure results. This tunneling allows the penetration of capillaries and eventually the formation of new Haversian systems.

These blood vessels are then accompanied by endothelial cells and osteoprogenitor cells for osteoblasts leading to the production of osteons across the fracture line eventually leading to regeneration of the normal bone architecture.

Secondary Fracture Healing Secondary bone fracture healing occurs when there is no rigid fixation of the fractured bone ends, which leads to the development of a fracture callus.

It includes an inflammatory phase, a reparative phase, and a remodeling phase as described above at the beginning of this article. Secondary fracture healing occurs with non-rigid fixation, as fracture braces, external fixation, bridge plating, intramedullary nailing, etc.

Bone healing can occur as a combination of the above two processes depending on the stability throughout the construct Factors Affecting Fracture Healing Both local and systemic variables influence the rate and degree of fracture healing.

Workplace Strategies that Enhance Performance, Health and Wellness

These abilities decrease once skeletal maturity is reached. Nutrition A substantial amount of energy is needed for fracture healing to occur.

An adequate metabolic stage with sufficient carbohydrates and protein is necessary. Systemic Diseases Diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes, and those causing an immunocompromised state will likely delay healing.Good work, but I think there is need to add – “functional life of components” as one of the factors affecting or influencing construction cost estimate.

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Cultural factors are one of the most important factors that influence the buying decision of consumers. Cultural factors comprises of the set of values of a particular community or a group of individuals.

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Factors Affecting Construction Labor Productivity 3 3. Unique Projects No two construction projects are exactly the same and vary in many ways such as design, size, capacity.

Job design is the deciding of a job's key contents, from the duties and responsibilities involved to the systems and procedures followed by the person in that role.

The purpose of job design, or redesign, is to optimise the work process and improve productivity. This factsheet examines job design.

Factors affecting job design
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