Examination 05002300

Purpose This examination will give you practical experience in writing an informal report, using a memo format. Next, review the instruction on informal and formal reports and format in this study unit.

Examination 05002300

Follow your outline as you draft your informal report using the basic memo format.

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Use the ABC method for developing paragraphs and the headings shown in the sample field-investigation report in this study unit.

Your purpose is to inform the Phoenix executive team about your investigation and recommend solutions for the problems at Roanoke.

Examination 05002300

After providing your purpose statement and location of the branch, use the following along with your outline to write your report. This section must describe a variety of objective, specific methods used, such as interviewing employees and management, survey, attendance records, observation of office, budget Examination 05002300.

Provide a clear analysis of each problem in the scenario— identify the causes underlying each and describe the impact on the company. Use complete sentences and one or two paragraphs. For the Recommendations section, list detailed solutions connected to the root cause of each problem, which you identified in the Results section.

Solution Preview: Writing the Report General Instructions Note:
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Define specific procedures or processes that Phoenix must undertake to boost morale and profitability. List each recommendation in the same order as the causes you defined in Results. You may use imperative or declarative sentences. Purpose for investigating, including the location, the branch, and general nature of the problems II.

General approach to investigating the causes of each problem A. One way you investigated the problem, such as interviews subdivide two or more levels as needed 1.

Four of the ten employees from the Graphics and Design Department 2. Head of the graphics department 3. All ten employees during a group meeting B. Another way you investigated the problem [subdivide as needed] C.

Another way you investigated the problem [subdivide as needed] III. Overall findings about the underlying issues primary findings as capital letters and specifics about that finding as numbers A. First primary issue matched with first investigation method 1.

Second primary issue i.

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Recommendation 1 match with issue identified in IIIA.Managers have the responsibility to oversee and influence the direction of an organization. Their input is critical to an organization’s performance and success.

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Penn Foster Law And Ethics Of Medicine Final Exam Examination Number The essay will discuss the ETHICS IN MEDICINE: The Relationship Between Law and Medical Ethics: Dispute and Legal Issues: A 32 year old woman was admitted to the Trauma Intensive Care Unit following a motor vehicle accident; she had multiple injuries and fractures, with several complications which continued to.

Purpose This examination will give you practical experience in writing an informal report, using a memo format. Preparation First, review the information on outlines in .

Examination 05002300
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