Administrator challenges paper

Reeves Although the demand for 21st century skills has spawned a good deal of enthusiasm, the reality of curriculum in K—12 education remains firmly rooted in the traditions of past centuries.

Administrator challenges paper

Administrator challenges paper

Through the development of the "Get Tough on Crime" movement, political and social pressures have resulted in overcrowded jails and prisons. Budgets have swelled to accommodate larger populations of inmates, without money left over to develop reforms, or preventive measures through rehabilitation.

As the public places demands on politicians for longer and longer sentences for offenders, prisons will continue to operate in the warehouse mode, without the means to pursue other alternatives to incarceration As we enter the 21st century it is believed we will continue to see a shift from the preference for punishment to one of treatment and rehabilitation.

Regardless of what politicians, correction officials or criminal justice entities as whole see as the solution, the direction and future of criminal justice depends on the publics perception and societal expectations for solutions.

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Whether these solutions be deterrence, rehabilitation, incapacitation, restoration or retribution as sentencing goals society will dictate the direction prisons go, not jail administrators or policy makers.

As seen in legislation through tough on crime measures, the expectation of society for prisons is to provide incarceration and retribution. Until these expectations change and the pendulum swings within the court of public opinion, other measures will most certainly be hindered if not doomed to failure, lacking support or funding to see them through.

The realization that what "society" wants will more often occur than what the "system" or professionals within it want, is at the basis of this paper. The publics perception of prisons function is based much on glamorization by television or the misinformation of the media.

The perception of prisons function does completely fall in line with the publics expectations for prisons, in part because the public or society as a whole lack a real understanding of prisons and prison life. Depending on the background of the individual the expectations for prisons can be very different.

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Ideas from the Field The term "stealth change" can be used to describe how things seem to be accomplished in higher education. These are incremental changes over time that eventually accumulate and yield a significant shift.
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Many elderly citizens in society for example see prison as an awful place that would make anyone who had to go there change their ways.

In reality this is not the case. The alternating preference for punishment or treatment predates the use of prisons as a sentence. Shifts in the cycle from treatment to punishment can be seen in the development of workhouses or in the development of the English Poor Laws.

As the pendulum has swung back and forth within the prison system preference for treatment produced indeterminate sentences, prison societies, probation and parole as well as the reformatory movement, with firm discipline and education defined as part of the treatment process associated with prisons.

The varying Era's in sentencing have seen the implementation of vastly differing sentencing objectives. These objectives mirror societies expectations placed on prisons and the criminal justice system as a whole.

Offenders who had completed these varying sentencing reforms implemented during each Era were supposed to come out of prison rehabilitated or reformed.

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The belief that prison itself detoured offenders by the mere environment alone, so as to persuade them not to commit crime again. The societal expectations placed on prisons is no different than ones own individual goals that if set to high can lead to discouragement and failure.

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Administrator challenges paper

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This paper argues that public sector reform efforts in developing Administration approach and the problems of plurality and public sector reform in the face of new global challenges and growing complexity in public policy, highlighting the.

administrator challenges paper